Grade-A Portland Venue

Last weekend was an all-around great time on the road. Kelly’s Olympian in downtown Portland is an EXCELLENT venue for us. It’s classy with just the right size room and stage, a very capable sound man, and a great restaurant/pub attached. The good turnout was thanks in large part to hard work by Portland bands Gold Casio and Calisse. This was one of our all-time favorite shows and we can’t wait to go back.

IMG_4025 IMG_4027

I’m proud to say that the Stubborn Son guys are hard-working, smart dudes who focus on the right things. We’ve worked a whole lot on our live performance skills, trying to get better from all sorts of angles. It’s rewarding to put that into practice in a small, crowded venue and get a good response. We so much appreciate the support we’ve received so far. We aspire to play for more people and on bigger stages. It’s a privilege to be the drummer in Stubborn Son and to have the chance to dedicate so much time and effort to this passion.

– Blair (drums)