Birthright album lyrics

The Broken Heart Proof // Don’t, don’t, don’t fear the broken heart boy. That’s the proof of all you enjoy. The sweet, sweet taste of emotion so strong leads me to believe we’re meant to carry on. If it’s pain that makes the love and a fever to prove it’s enough, I’ll be a lonely soul, a lonely soul. If a broken heart proves we’ve got everything to lose, I’ll be a lonely soul, a lonely soul. Fight, fight, fight to hold the dreams you employ. That’s the burden of the greatest joy. And to the man who takes no work but still pay, you’ll search for love until your dying day.

Make Believe // Run one more time to the hills my friend. You don’t know when this rain’s gonna end. Looks to me like this might be one reason to get on your knees. What are you gonna do when the well runs dry? You just going to hide your eyes? Do you plan to make believe you can’t be touched by anything? So go my brother, don’t let me bother you from walking on water or whatever you do. Now don’t you let me stand up in your way. I ain’t no judge for your selfish ways. My momma said don’t walk around like you’ve been born on holy ground. You might die quite lonesome son if you just use up everyone. Won’t be the sun that burns you down. It’s just your luck come back around. Would it be a mortal sin to let you lie just suffering? You’re gonna be so lonely. You’re gonna be all on your own.

Catch Me Runnin’ // I hope my baby, she don’t catch me running ‘cause I’m scared of mistakes. I held perfection right between my fingers and slipped for fear I would break. Said some things – oh what was I thinking? She’s such a pretty face. Help me now as I lay here thinking don’t want to be alone, cold and grey. I know these habits are bad for my health, but I keep them anyway. Not gonna be a fool to myself. Don’t wanna push a good thing away. Too many times I catch myself thinking words that shouldn’t come out. And then I think that my head and heart just don’t connect to my mouth. Now I beg to you don’t think I have intentions. I’m just feeling out of place. I care only, only for my baby. Just don’t want to make a mistake. Oh no, oh my baby would you go now if you knew me? I’m not quite the man that your mother wants me to be. Now there must be a heaven ‘cause its sending me all the signs. Im rough on the edges, but love is blind.

Thick As Blood // Fight well my brother, don’t forget your home. Return with victory, tell your woman all you know. Though you’ll fight til you die to keep worry from her mind, know you do not fight alone. It runs thick as blood in our bones. Every young one knows the weight of his world. But the wise man’s learned what needn’t be held. Though you’ll fight every day oh to keep a dream, know you do not fight alone. It runs thick as blood in our bones. So rest your weary eyes, you can sleep hard tonight. Put your mind at ease for tomorrow brings new light. Though you’ll fight till you die oh to come back home, know you do not fight alone. It runs thick as blood in our bones. Fear no evil in what you do. When it comes time brother I’d hang for you.

Head Above Water // Don’t you ever feel thrown in the water with your feet tied to stone? Begging for salvation with the last words that you know. Keep your head from going under and your eyes to the clouds. Ain’t no better time to learn to swim but now. You gotta break, you gotta break out. It’s not too late, it’s gonna come ‘round. You gotta break, you gotta break out now. You gotta break, you gotta break out. No time to waste, shake off your doubt. You gotta break, you gotta break out now. Have you ever heard the hounds of hell coming up to hunt you down? You can go for sometime, but they’re sure to find you out. You’re gonna make it out. You just stand in the river, let the sun go down. And the Good Book says, “All men must die.” No it ain’t your time. No it ain’t yours.

Vixen // I met a vixen over bourbon, she took my heart away. But when I asked with pure intention she said, “Not today.” She said, “I know why, what your thinkin’. I won’t have an inch.” Oh but I see it in her eyes now, a heart that’s burned a bit. Yes a heart that’s burned a bit. So sweetheart trust in another one. This lonely heart’s not meant to run. Oh what’s that boy got to do with me? I said, “Run down all you got to feel, it’s not the devil who makes the deal. Don’t let that whiskey talk for me.” I beat with hammer, hand and fist now, just to get to know. Oh for the chance just to prove it’s different than before. You see I know that he carried stature with fear in step to take. Oh but that burden, girl just let go. That boy don’t carry no weight, see that boy don’t carry no weight.

Voices // It’s time to go hunting for the devil that lives inside my head. He lives right behind my eyes and whispers in my ears every night I lay down to bed. I question voices that are speaking. How can they all be so clear? I’ve been sane for so long, but now I just don’t know how they can seem so sincere. I’m beggin’ you – get out of my head! I’m telling you – get out of my head! Now let me tell you all a story about a man who himself could not run. Grabbed the devil by the neck, shook the thing til it was dead, the night he decided he was done.

All Saints // Saints come marching one by one, drawn to the river son. Can you hear them marching softly? They won’t let me be. John said God’s gonna cut you down oh for what ya done. Can’t keep it straight in my own head, they won’t let me be. Oh sweet Lord, what’s a comin’ down on me for this? Bring me a river that’s a-runnin’ I can wash these hands in. Oh sweet woman come save me from all that I done. I hear heaven callin’ me, I’m fixin’ to run. Can’t tell the things I’ve kept within, despair won’t let me out. Can’t keep it straight I’m going down, oh I’m lost in doubt. Sweet river runnin’, I gotta stand in.

Fall For This // Hey babe, it’s time to leave. I would not stay even if you plead. My heart is broke, I’m tired of this. Your wonton ways, seductive kiss. Oh no no no – how did I fall for this? Oh no no – how did I fall for this? Well, my ticket’s paid. Gettin’ on this bus. Your whole charade I do not trust. Oh no no no – how did I fall for this? Oh no no – how how did I fall for this? Well my bags are packed, done with your lies. Don’t follow me, this is goodbye. Oh no no no – how did I fall for this? Oh no no no – how did I fall for this? I wish you luck. You’re hard to please, so I’m movin’ on from your disease. Oh no no no – how did I fall for this?

Make Your Heart Stop // I tried to pray myself to sleep, but I can’t keep my mind off of you. Something woman you won’t understand what this one track mind’s gotta do. You got a busy, busy mind, you just don’t know when to stop. I’ll let you in on a secret dear, I’m here to make your heart stop. You got that shifty look in your eyes that’ll bring a man to his knees. I can swing the hardest hammer girl, but the way you do makes me plead. I can’t keep my head clear, I just want to lay you down. You got a certain power girl, it makes me wanna roll around. No I don’t want your number, I just need some time. Oh honey you’ll be the death of me. You got what I can’t define. I never thought I could have you babe, but I did as the Good Lord said. I went and found me a preachin’ man, and I made good to be wed. Now I can still these shakin’ hands and ease this troubled soul. ‘Cause everything about the way you move makes me crazy out of control.

(All lyrics written by Garret Lamp except “Fall For This” by Andrew Knapp)