Are we moving to Portland?

We’re very proud to have recorded our debut album Birthright with producer Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios. Since November 2014 Stubborn Son has written lots of new songs, some of which go a new direction sonically from the tracks on Birthright.

We’ve started a process  of recording a few songs at a time at various studios. It’s helpful to work with new producers and in new rooms with new sets of instruments surrounding us to get inspired by. You never know what sounds will be concocted when you mix different combinations of musicians, producers, recording rooms, and instruments.

In early May we recorded two songs with producer Pat Kerns at PermaPress Recording in Portland. Our friend Kaytea from XO Publicity introduced us to Pat, thinking he’d be a good fit for capturing our musical style and boosting it up. She was right! Plus both nights sleeping on the floor of Pat’s studio were surprisingly comfortable.


DSCF6875 copy


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Thanks for seeing scenes and sights from Stubborn Son’s latest visit to Portland.