Stubborn Son is the alter ego to America’s comfort-seeking 9-to-5. Formed in 2014 over three-finger pours and stacks of vinyl records, this Seattle trio sits nicely between the visual stylings of the 1960s, sonic infusions of the ‘70s, and indie rock of today. Their kinetic performances teeter on the edge of euphoric and possessed.

Stubborn Son’s 2015 LP release Birthright was recorded to vintage 2” tape with producer Martin Feveyear (Mudhoney, Kings of Leon). The Seattle Times said “it crackles with fiery emotion and energy”, and Magnet Magazine called it “a fierce, bluesy squall that marries clusters of gritty power chords, pummeling bass lines and blockbuster drumming.” Their latest single “Blood On My Teeth” is a tongue-in-cheek response to the pain we sometimes endure to love someone. In July, the band will release a 5-song EP produced by Andy Park (Macklemore, Chance the Rapper) that features electronic tones on an alternative/blues-rock foundation. They have toured twenty U.S. cities, playing stage shows in concert venues as well as stripped down sets in fans’ homes.

Front man Garrett Lamp’s spacious melodies are written as if guitar is secondary to vocals, intentionally thoughtful, sexy, and powerful. Blair Daly delivers drum parts with scientific precision and earthy energy. Bassist/keyboardist Andrew Knapp adds to the cocktail a huge dose of tone, propelling the music forward, omnisciently connecting the space between rhythm and melody. This is a band obsessed with intoxicating sounds. They are discontent to leave audiences unaffected; they perform as if there’s something to prove.